Welcome to my corner of the web. My name is Dionel Rodriguez and I am a Visual Designer & Front-end Dev.


Professional Journey


I began my digital career in NYC as a School Computer Technology Specialist. While I played a pivotal role in the IT department, maintaining and troubleshooting computers to ensure seamless technological operations, I also took charge of managing website content and revamping branding materials. Additionally, I spearheaded design-focused workshops for students.


Progressing in my career, I stepped into a Project Management role in Port Jervis, NY. Here, I specialized in overseeing website projects from inception to completion, ensuring meticulous wireframing and rigorous quality assurance (QA) processes were in place to achieve optimal results.


In Campbell Hall, NY, I took on the responsibilities of a Digital Designer & Videographer, placing emphasis on visual standards and innovative design.


Further refining my expertise, I embraced the role of a Front-End Web Developer in Ossining, NY, diving deeper into typography and advanced design systems.


My adaptability then led me to a remote collaboration out of Miami, FL as a Visual Designer. Here, I was at the forefront of innovating new design techniques, working closely with a dedicated Curriculum Team. Then, I held the position of Senior Design Manager, where I was instrumental in leading both the Global Brand Marketing and Communication design team and the Marketing team. In this role, I built, managed, and maintained our websites to ensure they aligned with business objectives. I also managed a variety of projects and worked collaboratively within a dynamic team composed of marketers and designers.


I am currently employed as a Digital Marketing Manager, working remotely for a company based in Philadelphia. In this role, I am responsible for supportinh and executing the company’s digital marketing strategies, ensuring that our online presence effectively supports the company’s goals and enhances its market position.


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