UA School of Design & Construction


Branding, Collateral Design & Web Design


Project Brief

UA School of Design & Construction is a high school located in manhattan. My role for this project was to create a website along with some marketing collateral and signage for the school.

The Process

I┬ábegan the process by looking at some major architecture firm’s websites to have as a reference point. I wanted to create a website that gave the impression that this was more than a high school. I expanded the colors of the brand by using the shadows of each color to make the website feel more whole. As for the typography I went with a large font family that can cast a strong contrast.

Graphic Design

Book Cover | Year Book Graphic | Student Business Card Design | Display Board for Hallways

The Process

I designed these to be printed and placed on the doors of each class. The idea for this came after realizing that new students were having difficulties finding their classrooms.

Web Design

The design of the website uses a lot of imagery as it is more welcoming for future students. I felt that it was a good idea to show the diverse activities and paths students could take as UA students.

As for the colors, I decided to use charcoal black as a background in the top section and bottom section of the website to increase legibility and also to frame the body section of the website. This brings attention to the middle of the site which is often ignored.