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Opex Brooklyn


Web Design, Graphic Design & Social Media Posts


Project Brief

Opex Brooklyn is a customized fitness facility part of the Opex gym family. My job for Opex was to design their website as well as social media posts (specifically for Instagram) and also supply assistance with marketing collaterals and graphic t-shirt designs.

The Process

I began this project by getting a sense of what the client wanted, specifically what they wanted to do differently than other gyms. The client provided a guide that was helpful which listed some of his competitors as well as some design preferences.

Part of this project includes social media post designs for Instagram. I design these using Adobe Illustrators and some on Adobe Photoshop if they are photos.

Marketign Materials

Graphics for T-Shirts

Web Design

My client was big providing users with clear and concise information about the fitness program and facility. This leads me to design a website that focuses on accessibility and legibility. Opex Brooklyn’s website follows the brand guidelines and also features graphic elements from social media posts.